63% of people prefer to stay in and cook on Valentine’s Day

As we head into February, the next big holiday on people’s minds is Valentine’s Day.

An online lighting specialist has conducted a survey to find out how they plan to celebrate the occasion on February 14.

Festive Lights surveyed 500 people in the UK aged over 18, asking them: ‘Would you rather stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day?’

63% of people who celebrate Valentine’s Day said they would rather stay in. Reasons cited by respondents include: prices are hiked up for the holiday and are too expensive, Valentine’s has become too commercial, it’s too busy around Valentine’s Day; not feeling the need to celebrate a relationship on an arbitrary day.

Speaking about the results, Stephen Alty, general manager at Festive Lights, said: “We weren’t surprised to find that people prefer to stay at home rather than go out and spend money at Valentine’s Day.

“We’ve noticed a trend in recent years towards people creating a cosy environment in their own homes, using good food and romantic lighting, and spending their evening focusing on each other.”

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