A homemade Pancake Day is still flipping popular

Four in 10 people still find time to celebrate Pancake Day every year while a similar number join in the fun occasionally – and most make the pancakes themselves.

A homemade Pancake Day is still flipping popular

New research by Sainsbury’s into consumers’ preferences on Pancake Day – which fell on Tuesday this week – found that most people who enjoy Pancake Day think it is worth the effort to whip up a bowl of homemade batter, with 59% making their batter from scratch compared to only 21% who buy packet pancake mix.

Women take the lead in the house when it comes to the flipping. And while it might be expected that this traditional day would be mainly supported by older people, the survey shows it is the younger generation who are enjoying Pancake Day the most, with 49% of 18- to 24-year-olds celebrating every year.

Lemon and sugar remains the most popular topping, enjoyed by 50% of the population, while syrup only garnered 15% of support.

“This profile of the UK’s pancake flippers is very much aligned to our work into ‘new-fashioned values’,” says Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s group commercial director. “As the recession still lingers, we see our customers embracing traditional behaviours and occasions. Flipping pancakes is a low-cost, easy-to-do activity that the whole family can enjoy, but it’s interesting to see how many 18 to 24-year-olds are keen to embrace the values of the older generations.”

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