Ad watchdog supports JML Twista Mop no-drip claim

JML Direct has successfully defended its claim that its Twista Mop wrings out every last drop of water.

Ad watchdog supports JML Twista Mop no-drip claim

The Advertising Standards Authority rejected a complaint from a viewer of the company’s television advertisement for the mop, which said it was “super absorbent, yet the 360 degree twist wrings out every last drop”.

The complainant found that the 360 degree twist did not wring out every last drop of liquid and challenged whether the ad was misleading.

In its defence, JML sent a report from an independent company that had tested the wring-out efficiency, absorbency and drip resistance of the mop, and which concluded that there was satisfactory evidence for the claims.

The ASA noted that the performance of the Twista Mop might vary depending on the amount of effort put in by the user. However, it said that because the tests showed that it absorbed more water than a traditional string mop and did not drip after being wrung out, the claims could be supported.

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