Asda launches its first vegan plant-based range

To mark Veganuary, supermarket chain Asda has launched a vegan-friendly range of plant-based products under the new Asda Plant Based label. All 48 products are Vegan Society approved.

The range launches as demand for plant-based products hits an all-time high, with Asda research revealing that 52% of 18-34-year olds plan to reduce their meat intake in 2020. However, its findings show that price is still the main barrier for three in 10 UK households (33%) that believe eating plant-based meals will be more costly. With prices starting at £1.50, the range is billed as the most affordable on the market.

While most meat-substitutes found in supermarkets are made with soya, in a first-to-market innovation, Asda has also unveiled new mushroom-based meat-alternatives, including meat-free mince, burgers, sausages and meatballs.

Julie Wild, own brand strategy & governance manager at Asda, said: “The demand for plant-based products is growing at a rapid rate, but it can be challenging for customers to find diverse, high-quality, and inexpensive options on the market. The new Asda Plant Based range has been designed to offer something for everyone, at affordable prices.

“Plus, in a first for any retailer, all trays and sleeves packaging found in the Plant Based range are 100% recyclable, making it easier for our customers make sustainable choices. Whether customers are vegan, flexi-tarian, or just want to cut down on their meat intake, the new range offers premium quality and great value, meaning customers won’t have to compromise.”

Key products in the new Asda Plant Based range include:

-Meat Free Burger: A quarter-pounder style burger made with mushroom. Price: £1.50

-Smoky Tofu Burrito: Filled with tofu and vegetables, the Smoky Tofu Burrito is a plant-based meal. Price: £2.50

-Duckless Spring Rolls: 100% vegan. Price: £2.25

-Dirty Fries: Smothered in a non-dairy creamy sauce, the potato fries are topped with a Cheddar alternative and Roquito chilli peppers. Price: £2.25

-Sweet Potato Katsu Curry: Mild, creamy and a meat-free alternative to a British favourite dish. Price: 2.50

-Cheese and Chive Potato Skins: Oozing with a melted cheese alternative and sprinkled with chives. Price: £2.25

-Tomato & Halloumi Balls: Paired with the Plant Based Lentil Fusilli Ragu, this is a meat-free take on a British staple. Price: £1.75

-Butternut Mac: A creamy, plant-based alternative to Mac and Cheese, this dish is made with butternut squash. Price: £2.50

-Cauliflower Tikka Masala: A slightly spiced and creamy curry for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Price: £2.50

-Mushroom Arancini: Brimming with mushrooms, a cheese alternative and risotto, the balls are battered in breadcrumbs. Price: £2.25

-Falafel Burgers: Made from ground chickpeas and fava beans, this is a dish for those with a desire for a crispy burger. Price: £1.75

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