Betty Crocker Microwave Cake & Brownie Makers from JWP

JWP says ‘baking has never been easier’ with Betty Crocker Microwave Cake & Brownie Makers.

Available now, this range offers bakers of all ages and skill levels the chance to create bakes in the microwave in minutes (5½ minutes for cakes, 3½ minutes for brownies).

Each comes with a clear container that has different sections in which to put the ingredients. The user simply fills the container to the lines indicated on the side, with the correct amounts of cake mix, oil, water and one or two eggs (two eggs for cakes, one egg for brownies).

This means the mess, measuring and lengthy prep work normally associated with baking is no longer an issue. The ingredients are then mixed in the red bowl provided and put in the microwave.

JWP claims: ‘At almost ten times faster than conventional baking, those looking to save time, energy and effort without sacrificing taste or texture can have their cake (or brownie) and eat it!’


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