Bodum launches in-store product testing for customers

Bodum last week introduced a section within its new Paris store where customers can try out various kitchenware products for themselves and also provide feedback.

Bodum launches in-store product testing for customers

This further development of the company’s multichannel strategy – called Bodum-lab – will then allow customers happy with the tested products to order them online for home delivery.

The shoppers are able to use products including knives and electric juicers to cut vegetables and make juices to see which suit them best. They can also watch cookery demonstrations on in-store films.

Said chief executive Jorgen Bodum: “Handling and using kitchenware is very different to just looking at it in its box. Just as when you buy a new shirt. You want to be certain that the shirt looks good and that it fits you.”

Shoppers will also be able to leave comments and suggestions about Bodum products.

“Our great confidence in the quality of our products means we are not afraid of direct feedback from our customers,” Bodum went on. “We have already benefited greatly from suggestions from our customers through channels such as Facebook and Amazon. Bodum-lab is a natural next step in our direct dialogue with customers.”

Bodum-lab has been incorporated into the first floor of the new Paris store following a successful trial in Bodum’s flagship Copenhagen shop earlier this year. The company expects the store to be visited not only by Parisians but also by tourists from around the world.

It says that if the concept takes off it will be rolled out to further stores, of which it has over 300 in total.

Bodum claims to be the first manufacturer to give customers the opportunity to try out kitchen equipment in-store in this way.

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