Carrier bag charge leads to sales spike for JWP

Housewares supplier JWP has reported an immediate increase in sales of its Gimi range of designer shopping trolleys, following Monday’s introduction of a 5p charge for single use plastic carrier bags in all large stores across England.

JWP said it has been delighted to see a spike in sales for the Gimi range. The company noted: “News of the imminent introduction in the 5pence charge on all plastic bags left many people around the country wondering how this would affect shoppers. The answer it seems lies in a modern approach to an old favourite.

“This range eschews the traditional notion of the shopping trolley as something used only by older shoppers in favour of a more functional, aesthetically pleasing approach that people of all ages can utilise. This, along with people’s moral and financial objections to purchasing carrier bags, has seen sales of the already popular Gimi range increase.”

Sales and marketing director Geoff Hounslea added: “People are looking for an attractive trolley that is fit for purpose but is very functional and doesn’t cost the earth. The Gimi range has a trolley that suits every pocket.”

The range include the Argo, Italo and Flexi trolleys, (the latter of which has a drop down handle that fits on the front of a supermarket trolley) as well as many other designs in a wide variety of styles and colours.

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