Chaps cook up a high-tech kitchen wish list

Men are increasingly taking over the cooking at home and aspire to fill their kitchen with high-tech gadgetry and appliances.

Chaps cook up a high-tech kitchen wish list

So says a new survey by kitchen retailer Sigma 3, which concludes that men are becoming more and more inspired to put on their aprons by male celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.

Four in 10 men now spend at least an hour in the kitchen every day, with a quarter spending over two hours. And four in 10 chaps want more gadgets in their kitchens than ever before.

According to Sigma 3 marketing manager Paula Morris, the single male market is increasingly lucrative.

“Kitchens stuffed full of clever gadgets are now shown off proudly, similar to the way cars always have been. Kitchens are increasingly becoming the hub of a home and men are prepared to invest significant amounts in a room that really makes a statement and will impress guests.”

Items on men’s kitchen wish lists include built-in televisions or MP3 players, ice-dispensing fridges, integrated water filters in taps and recycling bins.

Paula Morris predicts that smart technology will increasingly become a standard part of the typical male kitchen.

“A perfect example of a gadget designed to appeal to busy men is a refrigerator with an internet screen built in above the fridge doors, complete with a bar-code-detected food stockage and ordering system,” she says.

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