Charles Bentley & Son launches ‘UK’s first self-cleaning toilet brush’

Charles Bentley & Son has become the exclusive distributor of a new hygienic toilet brush after launching the product in the UK and Europe.

Described as the only self-cleaning toilet brush on the market, Dip-San is made from polypropylene and produced in the UK. It is approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and promises ‘a completely hygienic alternative to the traditional toilet brush’ due to its ‘depress and dip’ design.

Dip-San features a reservoir of cleaning fluid, which cleans the brush after each use. The user returns the brush to its holder and depresses the handle to dip the brush head into a reservoir of Dip-San Cleaning Fluid. Twisting the brush handle while in the dip position will cause the brush head bristles to agitate against the internal ribs in the reservoir. The brush will then return to its original position thanks to an internal spring loaded action. Every Dip-San toilet brush carries a lifetime guarantee.


The RRP of the Dip-San Hygienic Toilet Brush is £21.25

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