Charles Viancin crowns Cooking Fantastic

The winner of Charles Viancin’s retailer of the month award for June is Cooking Fantastic of Harrogate.

The housewares supplier introduced a six month awards programme in May, with the focus on its retail customers’ social media activity. Individual retailers are judged on how well they interact with customers online and the extent of their social media involvement.

Charles Viancin UK head of operations Peter Battersby said: “We see the value in social media and its benefits within the retail industry. We want to encourage our retailers to discover the benefits of using social media and interacting with customers online”. Over the period, Charles Viancin’s six agents will take it in turns to nominate a retailer in their area.

North Yorkshire specialist cookshop Cooking Fantastic, owned by Tanya Umpleby, was nominated by the company’s sales agent in the north of England John Taylor.

Peter Battersby commented: “Cooking Fantastic was chosen because it is very active on social media with high interaction from customers and followers. This is not only due to its amazing cook shop, but also its farm and holiday cottages at the site.”

Tanya explained: “Having been in Knaresborough for 10 years, we moved our cookshop to our nearby farm in Harrogate two years ago, and it’s the best thing we ever did. All our old customers still come and we have lots of new customers.

“I think what makes us unique is that we also have the added benefit of people staying in our holiday cottages or on our campsite having our cookshop and coffee shop on their doorstep.

“Our cottages and campsite are called The Cud Life. We get lots of lovely foodie customers (and some suppliers) staying when the BBC Good Food Show or any of the other many food related shows are on in Harrogate, and it’s always a brilliant atmosphere.

“It was three of our lovely customers who told us about the Charles Viancin products and we are so pleased that they did. Originally we thought they were just to replace clingfilm or foil but now we know there is so much more to them.” (The kitchenware products are made of silicone, which creates an airtight seal and lasts much longer than plastic wrap and aluminum foil.)

Cooking Fantastic has been presented with prizes and its win has been announced on both the Charles Viancin UK Facebook and Twitter pages.

May’s winner, chosen by sales agent Kevin Towler for the London and South East area, was Steamer Trading Cookshop of Horsham in West Sussex.  Winners will later be announced for the Scotland, the West Country, East Anglia and the Midlands areas.


Cooking Fantastic owner Tanya Umpleby (left) with her team

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