Clas Ohlson to phase out disposable barbecues

Swedish hardware and homeware chain Clas Ohlson has announced that it will phase out the sale of disposable barbecues in 29019 and offer portable alternatives (pictured) instead.

The initiative is part of is sustainability strategy, ‘where products with a negative environmental impact are continuously phased out’. Earlier this year, the company announced that it will stop selling disposable plastic cutlery.

Clas Ohlson business leader Nina Cronehag said: “The disposable barbecue is a product that contributes to littering. It is not resource-efficient and often ends up in the rubbish bin instead of being recycled. That’s why we’ve decided to remove this product from our product range. Our focus in the future will be on clever, portable alternatives and several new models are being launched this Spring.”

The retailer said its goal is for products which contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle to account for 25% of total sales in 2020. It explained: “This means we will actively and continuously incorporate products into our range that, in one way or another, are more environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient than comparable products, while at the same time remove products that are unsustainable, such as the disposable barbecue.”

Clas Ohlson is represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany – and the UK, with stores at Kingston-Upon-Thames in Surrey; Clayton Square Shopping Centre in Liverpool; and Reading in Berkshire.

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