Coming soon: Tomorrow’s Food with Dara O’Briain

Tomorrow’s Food’ is a new BBC1 show which shows viewers the future of food from field, through to the aisles of the supermarket, to our dining tables.

Led by Dara O Briain, this three-part series, which airs on Monday November 23,  will reveal the cutting-edge technologies and produce appearing in farms, supermarkets, kitchens and restaurants around the world, transforming how we grow, buy and eat our food.

In the first episode, Dara visits Thanet Earth (pictured), a hi-tech greenhouse farm in Kent that grows millions of fruit and vegetables throughout the year – and all without any soil. Dara meets the technical team behind the farm where everything is controlled: the light, the temperature and even the insects.

Dara then heads to Texas where they’ve had five years of drought and are using a technique called ‘cloud seeding’: releasing a small amount of chemicals from a plane to produce rain, enough to supply a city the size of San Francisco. Dara will also experiment with digital tastes, delivered through a receptor on your tongue.

Meanwhile, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett meets the scientists in the US Army kitchens who are creating food which can stand the test of time and could hold the secret to the end of the sell-by date. Angela also tries out a ‘talking frypan’ that promises to help users cook the perfect meal every time.

Greengrocer Chris Bavin visits an Australian farm that’s replacing farmers with robots, from ones that herd cows to flying drones that keep an eye on your crops. He then tries out a seaweed pill that could stop your body from absorbing some of the fat in your diet. Determined to put this to the test, Chris gathers together a group of truck drivers with a fatty diet to see if this pill could really work for them..

Finally, technology expert Dr Shini Somara checks out hi-tech restaurants of Shanghai to see robot waiters in action and enjoys a multi-sensory eating experience, where everything you see, smell, hear and taste is controlled by the restaurant. Shini will also investigate whether the ‘Miracle Berry’ lives up to its name.

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