Countdown’s Rachel Riley teams up with Currys PC World

A new study by Currys PC World of over 2,000 Brits reveals that almost a quarter (22%) of the nation find Christmas shopping the most stressful time of year.

For a third (31%), coming up with gift ideas is the most stressful part of festive present-buying.

To combat this, Currys PC World has unveiled a scientific formula developed by TV presenter and mathematician Rachel Riley, alongside Essex University statistician Dr Dai.

The electricals retailer said: ‘Incorporating a combination of whether hints from the receiver were given or not; the number of recipients; the difficulty of the person you are buying for; and the amount you have to spend; the mathematical Science Of Getting It Right formula creates the probability of getting all your presents right this year.’

With the average Brit buying for four adults and two children and spending an average of £21-30 per head, the research has uncovered that partners are the most difficult to buy for, followed by children, dads and mums.

As a result of a lack of festive inspiration, 12% of the nation has ended up being late in giving loved ones their presents, a third (29%) have panic-bought more than they planned, two-fifths (40%) have resorted to giving a voucher and one in 10 have simply bought the first thing they’ve seen. An unlucky one in 20, didn’t end up getting a gift at all due to their loved ones’ lack of inspiration.

The research also shows that while a proportion of us are relatively forward-thinking when it comes to Christmas shopping, with 13% starting to plan six months or more in advance, most Brits (59%) don’t start buying until a month before the big day.

Rachel Riley commented: “We’ve all been there: you’ve left present-buying to the last minute, haven’t a clue what to buy your loved ones, and the panic is starting to set in.

“That’s why I’ve teamed up with Currys PC World to create this mathematically-derived formula to help those who aren’t overly confident with their gift ideas – to give them the focus they need to get it right this Christmas.

“That way, customers can be confident their presents will be greeted with a smile – and not a receipt request!”


The Science Of Getting It Right formula

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