Dartington Crystal launches ‘made-for dishwasher’ glassware

Dartington Crystal claims to have pioneered a new collection of glasses that are specifically designed for dishwasher use and guaranteed to keep their shine and sparkle.

Dartington Crystal launches 'made-for dishwasher' glassware

As a long-standing partner to dishwasher detergent brand Finish, Dartington Crystal has endorsed and promoted safe dishwasher-cleaning for even its finest crystal.

The supplier’s new Shine On collection, launched at the Spring Fair, offers a choice of red and white wine glass, plus a multi-purpose tumbler. Each set of four glasses includes a free pack of Finish Quantum Shine & Protect tablets. This combination is supported with dishwashing tips. Dartington Crystal claims that Shine On is also covered by the first ever replacement guarantee against surface corrosion.

Although most crystal and glass can be safely cleaned in a modern dishwasher, regular use at high temperature can sometimes result in clouding to the glass surface. Dartington Shine On glasses have been specifically formulated to resist surface corrosion, while the glass shapes are designed to easily fit the top basket of most dishwashers, while minimising the risk of damage when loading and using the dishwasher.

Dartington Crystal managing director Neil Hughes said: “Convenience and durability are always important factors in products for home use. The inclusion of Finish tablets provides significant extra value for the customer and is a powerful, expert endorsement from this market-leading brand. The combination of our specially adapted product with a genuine lifetime guarantee will be the first ever of its type in our market.”

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