Digital accessibility specialist joins Small Business Britain webinar

1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability or situation making it difficult for them to use a website without a barrier, such as sight loss, a physical or neurological disability or learning difficulties.

Unfortunately, websites are not accessible by default – they need to be made that way. So come learn with us! The ‘Purple Pound’ describes the amount of money spent by UK households with a disability each year. In 2021 that figure was over £274bn.

On March 13 at 11am, Small Business Britain will host a webinar with digital accessibility specialist Mark Tomkins. He will help you reach that additional 20% of your potential audience, explain the common problems with most online content and show you how to create an inclusive website experience for those with disabilities.

Tomkins will cover:

  • How to check the accessibility of your website
  • The general design of your website: colours, contrast, layout, tables
  • Working out what you can and cannot do yourself
  • How to best share your content: images, video, documents and files
  • Online shops: how to remove barriers and reach more customers
  • Appropriate content and wording
  • Online forms: how to make them accessible
  • Heading, structures, link text & buttons: why this is vital to those who use screen readers!

Click the link below to find out more and register

Webinar Registration – Zoom

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