Dirty truth about household chores

We may be a houseproud nation, but new research reveals some chores are hated so much that they rarely get done at all.

Findings from market research company Mintel reveals that almost three in ten (27%) of households surveyed admit their windows hardly ever get cleaned and around a quarter (23%) hardly ever attempt to clean their oven.

And while a quarter of Brits spend two and a half hours or more every working week day on household chores, 28% of the 1,500 consumers questioned admitted their house is frequently a mess.

Mintel senior household care analyst Richard Caines said: “For the most part, Brits are enthusiastic cleaners, but some jobs remain too much for even the most devoted cleaner. Cleaning the windows and oven top the least loved tasks.”

But, he added, strong increases in the value of sales of furniture polishes and carpet cleaners reflect the fact that people are willing to spend more on products that help protect and maintain the look of household items that are expensive for them to replace. The total household cleaning market is worth £1 billion.

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