Dyson loses challenge over Vax ads’ suction claim

The Mach range of vacuum cleaners from Vax has withstood a two-pronged challenge from Dyson over claims made in advertisements for Mach’s suction capability.
Vacuum cleaner rival Dyson complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about text in the ads which claimed “No loss of suction” for the Mach. The company said the ads were misleading because the Mach cleaners did lose suction, and it also thought the phrase took advantage of the reputation of its own products, which it believed had been shown to suffer no loss of suction.

However, the ASA dismissed both challenges, saying that the suction claim had been clearly qualified, and that the ads made no reference to another manufacturer’s product. The phrase “no loss of suction” was a descriptive term and not a registered trademark or protected term.

Vax managing director Simon Lawson said he was “pleased that the ASA agreed that Vax products do not lose suction. We believe that investing in innovation is the key to growth even in an uncertain economy.”

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