Eat, Shop, Save returns to ITV for a new series

Consumer advice series ‘Eat, Shop, Save’ returns to ITV for a second series in July, with presenter Ranvir Singh joined by chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock,  retail expert Kate Hardcastle MBE and fitness consultant Tom Pitfield.

Over four episodes, the team will once again offer families around the UK advice on how to change their lifestyle to help get them fitter, eat better and save money on their shopping.

In each half-hour show, Ranvir will set families an eight-week challenge, with the experts on hand to offer tips along the way. The series features a family living off ultra-processed food, a dad addicted to sugary energy drinks, an overweight single mum worried that her bad habits will affect her children’s health, and a family afraid of using their freezer.

Ranvir said: “When armed with the right support, the differences people can make to their bank balances and bodies are life-changing. The ‘Eat, Shop, Save’ team help families up and down the country to achieve what they really want, and that usually means feeling healthier, more in control of their finances and more positive about the future.”

Dale added: “The beauty of this series was the opportunity to show people the true extent to which the food they eat can affect them on almost every level. Whether it’s learning to cook from scratch, reducing the stress of family mealtimes,or giving their favourite takeaway a healthy face-lift,  the families were able to see how the changes made had a wonderful effect on their health, wealth and happiness.”

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