Food & Drink is back on screen

Chef Michel Roux Jr and drinks expert Kate Goodman return for a second series of ‘Food & Drink’ tonight.

Food & Drink is back on screen

The first of 10 30-minute episodes will be broadcast on BBC this evening (January 27) at 8.30pm.

This opener looks at ‘how to cook up food that will help everyone’s bottom line’. Guest Mary Berry surprises Michel by using stale bread to create fish pie topping which he admits he’d never have thought of himself. Mary is full of tips to reduce waste, including sharing stories of her days as ‘freezer correspondent’ for a weekly magazine when this item of kitchen equipment was introduced to the UK in the 1960s.

Kate does a tasting of ‘waste not, want not’ drinks such as grappa made from the waste product of wine making. And there is also a debate about whether our food is too cheap.

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