Funding Circle continues to empower small businesses

A collaboration between Bira and Funding circle aims to provide much-needed financial support to small and independent businesses, helping them thrive in today’s competitive market.

Bira, recognising the ongoing challenges and transformations in the retail industry, has teamed up with Funding Circle to address the pressing issue of funding access for small businesses. This strategic collaboration aims to empower Bira members by providing them with exclusive access to Funding Circle’s transparent and accessible lending solutions.

Through this partnership, independent businesses within the Bira network will have the unique opportunity to leverage Funding Circle’s platform to secure much-needed funds. Whether it’s expanding inventory, launching marketing campaigns, upgrading technology, or hiring additional staff, Bira members can utilize this platform for various purposes.

One notable advantage of Funding Circle’s approach lies in its simplified application process. Small businesses can effortlessly complete an online application within minutes. Leveraging advanced technology, Funding Circle’s automated system promptly evaluates the creditworthiness and risk profile of the business, resulting in faster decision-making

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