Get Set Bake with Stellar #GBBO

Horwood asks: ‘Are your customers aspiring bakers, inspired by the #GBBO – Great British Bake Off? Then it’s time to make sure you have bakeware that will help them to become great bakers too. With three Stellar collections to choose from, we are sure to have the bakeware to suit your customers.’

The choices are:

Baker’s Dozen by James Martin


Described as a bakeware collection that every home cook should have, with recipes from the celebrity chef himself’, this range is constructed from heavy gauge carbon steel with a double layer of non-stick coating inside and out. The Stellar James Martin Baker’s Dozen aims to enhance the home cooking experience for all bakers.



Stellar Bakeware


This comprehensive range of bakeware is made with 1 mm carbon steel, meaning it won’t warp and guarantees even heat transfer. Billed as ‘the perfect range for home cooks,’  it carries a five-year non-stick guarantee.



Stellar’s Premium range – Stellar Hard Anodised

Horwood says: ‘This range offers the assurance of ‘no soggy bottoms’ with its superior build. It guarantees even heat distribution, no rusting or flaking, and no warping in the oven. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and free from PTFE and PFOA. This collection has been electrochemically-hardened (hard anodised) for unbeatable durability. The anodising technique gives the pans a significantly longer lifespan than traditional non-stick bakeware and makes it virtually non-porous and safe to use with metal utensils. Seasoning the pans is recommended and we also recommend the use of baking parchment.’


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