Grunwerg celebrates hat-trick with consumer competition

Grunwerg is marking a triple celebration this year with a new product launch supported by a consumer promotion.

Not only is the housewares supplier is its third generation of family business but its Global brand now has three generations of knives, and the Roux family are now in their third generation of chefs.

The Roux family are big fans of Global knives. Michel Roux Jnr is an ambassador for the Classic Global range, while his daughter Emily Roux is a rising star in her own right (her favourite knife is Global Ni).

Grunwerg is commemorating this hat-trick with the introduction of the three-piece Global Hybrid knife set, which for the first time ever consists of a knife from each of the three different Global knife series: a Classic Global knife, a Global Ni knife and a Global SAI knife.

This new product launch is accompanied by a consumer competition. Grunwerg is offering customers a chance to win a Global knife block set of their choice, choosing a different winner every month. In every box of the Hybrid Global 3-piece knife set there is a questionnaire which asks customers to rate each knife and to state which knife out of the three different series they prefer, and why. The entrant with the most interesting answer will receive a full block set of knives from the series they choose.

Grunwerg initially sold the original Global Classic knife series, which has a dotted iconic design, a lightweight body and a very precise blade. Four years ago, Global SAI was launched, featuring a designer sculptured handle and a three-layer hammered finished blade. This series was developed for connoisseurs and experts. Global Ni was introduced in 2015. This series has an oriental angular restyling, large chestnut style handles and a more even-balance weight between the handle and the blade.

Grunwerg director David Grunwerg said: “After speaking with different chefs over the past few years, we have come to realise just how important having the ‘perfect’ set of knives is within food preparation, and what chefs look for.

“It’s all down to personal preference. Some chefs like heavy weight handles, others like knives as light as feathers! It’s about the individual person and what they look for in a knife. This is why we now have three series of Global knives to choose from. Each range has its specific qualities and style. So we have introduced the Global Hybrid knife set, at a very special price, which gives everyone the opportunity to use all three different styles and they can choose for themselves which knife suits them the most.”

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Global Hybrid 3-piece knife set

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