Grunwerg launches a new housewares brand

Award-winning housewares supplier Grunwerg has launched a new brand and moved into a new product category.

The company, located on Rockingham Street in the heart of the steel city of Sheffield, is well known for its high quality kitchen knives and cutlery. It has owned Global, one of the biggest knife brands in the UK, for over 30 years. And for more than 70 years, it has been continuously increasing its range of Rocking Forge stainless steel cutlery.

Grunwerg has now complemented its ranges of kitchen knives and cutlery with the addition of wooden cutting boards, introduced under its new brand called Rockingham Forest.

The supplier said:  “We have developed an assortment of high quality wooden chopping boards and cutting boards using various wooden materials – always with an eye for quality, appearance and conservation of the environment.

“Each board has woods such as acacia, ash, maple, oak, rubberwood and sapele. These are all strong, high quality woods which together make up one pretty amazing chopping board!”

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