Grunwerg supports Royal Marines

Grunwerg will be supporting the Royal Marines this Thursday (June 26) in its annual Field Cookery Competition, and will be presenting the winner with a Michel Roux Jnr knife set.

Grunwerg supports Royal Marines

The annual contest involves teams from across the Royal Marines coming together and showcasing their abilities to cook good quality food from field rations, using only the equipment and rations that they would typically get whilst deployed on operations. The majority of the chefs have worked in Afghanistan providing nutritional food in hostile environments.

This year, eight teams from across the Royal Marines will compete. They will be given two boxes of 10-man rations of differing menus, and a small mystery box of fresh supplements. The top three teams will be awarded gold, silver and bronze, and the best all round chef will receive gold as well. The gold medal winners will receive a Michel Roux Jnr knife set as a prize and will then go on to compete in the Joint Services Catering competition, competing against the RAF and Army in the field and live cooking events.

Sophie Newton, brand manager for Global knives, said: “We’re very proud to be supporting this great competition. I’m excited to be presenting the Global knife prizes to the winners, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the chefs will cook with the rations they usually work with on a daily basis.”

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