Has Sainsbury’s cracked the yolkless formula?

Sainsbury’s has launched a new product, Taste the Difference No-Yolk Eggs, to simplify home baking for customers.

Has Sainsbury's cracked the yolkless formula?

The eggs, laid exclusively for Sainsbury’s by free-range, Amber White chickens, were developed in association with a long-standing Sainsbury’s egg supplier.

According to research from the National Baking Council, three-quarters of Britons (75%) name separating egg whites from yolks as their biggest challenge when it comes to home baking. The grocery multiple hopes the new product will ‘help solve this problem for customers, making home baking simpler than ever ahead of the long Easter weekend’.

Sainsbury’s egg and homebaking buyer Al Bumen commented: “We know our customers love to bake, so we’re delighted to be helping make this simpler than ever for them with a range of yolk-free eggs. Perfect for meringues, marshmallows and other white-only recipes, it’s no-yolk this product will help change the way we bake forever.”

Sainsbury’s said the secret to producing No-Yolks is in the chickens’ nutrition. Amber White chickens are raised on a diet of solely white foods, such as rice, cauliflower, and onions. It added that birds in the No-Yolk farm have also surveyed as the happiest ones in the country in the 2015 Joyful Egg survey.

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