Healthy habits spur sales at Waitrose

Healthy New Year habits and a rise in online orders spurred sales growth for Waitrose last week (to January 18).

Healthy habits spur sales at Waitrose

The upmarket grocery chain said that divisional sales, excluding petrol, were 6.8% higher than last year.

According to Waitrose commercial director Mark Williamson, many people chose to order their groceries online, with a huge growth in demand for the service. Compared with last year, orders were up by almost 120%.

Customers also appear to be keeping to their healthier resolutions, he said, with a sustained surge in demand for healthier products.

Waitrose’s LOVE life range of meals, that clearly display their calorie content, saw a sales lift of 33%. Teas were very popular, with sales up 25%. The most popular blends were peppermint, ginger and green tea. And bottled water saw demand rise 20%.

The New Year has added to the appeal of healthier protein sources too. Sales of lemon sole fillets jumped 166%, whole salmon leapt 112% and Waitrose’s fish pie mix was up by 360%.

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