Here Is Why You Should Use An Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Over the last couple of years, the conversation surrounding energy-efficient appliances has grown. Not only are people looking to cut down on their electricity bills, but it is also one of the ways to lower one’s carbon footprint. One of the things to consider when buying a ceiling fan is energy efficiency. An energy-efficient ceiling fan reduces your reliance on an air conditioner, hence lowering your utility bills. Read on to learn what are some of the benefits of buying energy-efficient ceiling fans.

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans Are Not Boring

You may think that choosing an energy-efficient fan means sacrificing aesthetics. But that is not the case. Today’s ceiling fans will give you both. Whether you are looking for a ceiling fan with a chandelier or a three-bladed ceiling fan in nickel brushed finish, you can still get an appealing energy-efficient fan.

Less Costly Than AC Units

Ceiling fans are not as costly as AC units. This is not just in terms of the initial investment but the cost of running one. On average, a ceiling fan will cost about one cent per hour to run. This is simply a fraction of running an AC. At the end of the day, ceiling fans are cheaper. However, it is not really fair to compare what these two appliances offer. This is because they cool a space differently. Simply put, ceiling fans do not exactly cool a space. Instead, when they are rotating, they produce this wind-chill effect, making a room feel cooler. They can even lower the humidity in a room, making it more comfortable without lowering the temperature.

Increased Lifespan

Even if the ceiling fan you have at home seems to be functioning well, it is still a good idea to replace it with a new ceiling fan that is energy efficient. Newer ceiling fans have been made with the latest technology, materials and efficiency. Not to mention they are also appealing in design. Getting a new ceiling fan gives you the chance to keep your home cool while maximizing energy efficiency.

Another advantage is that manufacturers engineer modern ceiling fans with sustainability in mind. This helps you lower your energy bills while keeping you comfortable for many years to come.

Can Supplement A HVAC System

Another reason you should buy an energy-efficient ceiling fan is that it can help lower your energy costs when used alongside an energy-efficient air conditioner. You will still enjoy the comfort you are looking for at a lower cost. When you have both appliances running, you can dial up your thermostat by about 4 degrees, and you will still feel comfortable. That also means your AC will not be on as much as this reduces your electricity bills.

Saves Energy During Winter

When it comes to warming your home during winter, keep in mind that warm air is always lighter than cool air. Even if the layers of air in your home are at varying temperatures, the warmest air is always near the ceiling. Modern ceiling fans have reversible motors that allow you to change the direction the blade is rotating. During winter, switch the direction of the blades clockwise. This will push the warm air downwards to where you are sitting. This strategy has been proven to be very effective in lowering heating costs by almost 10%.

More Effective Lighting

Get a ceiling fan with a light fixture. Besides saving space for lamps or other light fixtures, you will be saving on that energy that the lamps would have used. This reduces the overall energy consumption. You have a few options when getting ceiling fan light kits. It is all about what you prefer. LED light kits not only offer a low profile design, but they are energy-saving and rarely need replacing. Fluorescent lights are also energy-saving, and they can give different light temperatures.


Do you strive to live an eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, then you should use an energy-efficient ceiling fan. Research shows that you can cut down your energy consumption in winter by 10% and 40% in summer by using them. That is a win for the earth. Besides, ceiling fans do not need a lot of energy to run compared to other cooling methods. By choosing a direct current (DC) ceiling fan, you will be saving money on energy, and it will also last longer. That also means reducing the environmental impact of making another unit.

Ensure Your Ceiling Fan Is As Efficient As Possible

Ceiling fans are not for cooling rooms but for people. So if no one is in the room, there is no point in keeping it running. Just turn on the ceiling fan if there are people in the room to save power. Dust can also affect how your ceiling fan works. Dust the blades weekly with a rag to get the most out of it.

Energy-efficient ceiling fans serve as home décor, light fixtures and a tool for saving energy. Plus, they are also affordable. If you are in the market for a new ceiling fan, consider getting an energy-efficient one.



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