Historic British brands revive glory of the Titanic

Arthur Price and Royal Crown Derby are preparing for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage with a very special exhibit at this month’s Spring Fair.

Historic British brands revive glory of the Titanic

The most famous ship ever built was a national showcase for the very best of British engineering, craftsmanship and design. Arthur Price and Royal Crown Derby were two luxury British brands selected to provide the cutlery and china for the first class accommodation.

Both companies have now recreated the designs used on board, which will be on show at Spring Fair. The exhibition on Arthur Price’s stand will include an original pattern book supplied to White Star Line; a Daily Sketch newspaper reporting the Titanic’s sinking on April 16 1912; a letter and image from the deep sea Titanic wreck site expeditions; and a signed photograph and engraved spoon from the late Millvina Dean, the youngest and last survivor from the disaster.

An online auction site, www.titaniccentenaryuk.com, for a collection of exceptionally rare collector’s pieces will also be launched.

Specialist travel company Deep Ocean Expeditions is making a series of centenary dives to the wreck site and, if conditions allow, a limited edition of Arthur Price Panel Reed cutlery canteens and Royal Crown Derby tableware will be taken 12,500 ft below the surface inside a deep sea diving submersible to the Titanic wreck. These pieces will then rise from the depths to be auctioned by sealed bids online. The closing date for bids will be midnight April 16.

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