Hoover airs Britain’s dirty laundry

A report from kitchen appliance manufacturer Hoover reveals the desperate measures that Brits have been driven to when they’ve not done their laundry. 

The Hoover Household Report 2015 found that women are 50% more likely than men to take dirty laundry out of the basket to wear again if they haven’t had time to put a wash on, while one in 10 of us resort to using deodorants, perfumes and aftershaves to get an extra days’ wear out of our outfits.

Steve Macdonald, marketing director of Hoover’s freestanding division, said: “Given our on-the-go lifestyles, it’s not surprising that we’ve all made laundry blunders after failing to switch on a washload so it’s ready when we need it.

“These results confirm what we suspected: that we could all do with a little more time to get our chores done. In fact, this is one of the reasons we’ve recently launched the UK’s first fully-connected WiFi family of kitchen appliances that can be controlled remotely using a single app.”

The Hoover Wizard range includes an oven, hob, hood, fridge-freezer and a selection of washing machines and dishwashers. The entire range can be simultaneously controlled, monitored and managed via an app that can be downloaded to Windows, Google Play or Apple devices from iOS 7 or later.

Steve Macdonald continued: “The report has shown that most of us have made questionable decisions when it comes to our washing habits – none more so when we consider that for every 20 people in an office, there’s at least one who has admitted to going commando!”

Another shocking statistic revealed that instead of lazy teens and sleepy students, of those that admitted to having slept with no bed linen, nearly 60% were aged 35 and over. The survey also highlighted that one in 10 of us has actually bought new clothes because we didn’t have anything clean to wear.

Steve Macdonald concluded: “Consumers are confident they could save over an hour each week by operating their appliances remotely via WiFi, so we are really excited about the convenience and flexibility this will bring to household chores.”

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