How to Make Your House Look Expensive On a Budget

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The increased adoption of remote work made it mandatory for most people to reconfigure their existing spaces. Depending on the condition of your home, this might mean adding square footage or simple decorations to improve the appearance of your old rooms. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much on kitchen and bathroom renovations to give your house a five-star appeal. Below are cheap installations that can make your house feel luxurious.

1.   Replace or Add Moldings

The best way to make most spaces, specifically the living room, bathroom, and kitchen, feel expensive and luxurious is by improving their interior architecture. However, you shouldn’t necessarily bring down walls or paint them afresh. If your house has narrow molding or baseboards, simply replace them with thicker options to achieve an elegant look. You should only make sure you purchase quality wainscoting from Doors Plus.

2.   Install Layered Lighting

Lighting is an important concept that most homeowners commonly overlook or ignore. You can use multiple lighting options to add more depth to various rooms in your house without emptying your wallet. A simple option is hanging a pendant light instead of the traditional table lamp. You can also place candles in reflective containers for a luxurious appearance.

Placing these light sources next to household appliances or furniture is an affordable way of updating your rooms without the cost of rewiring the walls. Lastly, add dimmer switches that adjust bulb brightness for a warm, cosy, and expensive feel.

Similarly, don’t forget to light your kitchen, dining area, home office, and other specific areas. LED task lights are a great and inexpensive option. Installing them is also simple.

3.   Purchase a Large-Scale Art Piece

Most expensive-looking living rooms have a centrepiece that captures everybody’s attention. You can transform your simple-looking living room by installing an oversized and attention-grabbing art drawing. This will not only imbue the space with a calm, luxurious feel, but also capture your visitors’ attention and spark conversations.

4.   Update the Paint with Neutrals

Painting your walls with neutrals is another easy way to make your living space look expensive. Some neutral colors that are applicable in various rooms include:

  • Black is an excellent neutral colour because it complements nearly everything. Black can also be used on floors and accents.
  • Vibrant yellow – More homeowners currently prefer vibrant yellows over cherry red as the color choice for their bedroom. Deep mustard can give a sophisticated look.
  • Icy blues – Icy blue colour has overtaken lilac, which was a popular bedroom color of choice.
  • Deep blues – Like the neutral black, deep blue is predicted to be a major interior décor color in a few years. It can be used in living spaces and bedrooms to create a relaxing atmosphere. Blue can also be used on furniture, built-in shelves, and closet spaces.


Home improvements come in handy for homeowners preparing to sell their homes or looking to improve comfort and quality of life. Maximizing the power of mirrors, playing with colour patterns, and adding flowers can also improve the appearance of your house. Interestingly, some tips, such as making your spaces minimalistic, don’t require any investment.


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