Joseph Joseph wins illegal copies case in China

Joseph Joseph has achieved a successful action in China over infringement of several of its kitchenware products.

Joseph Joseph wins illegal copies case in China

The company and its lawyers found copies of its Index chopping board set, Nest8 bowl set, Rinse and Chop and folding colander on stands at recent housewares and gift trade fairs in Hong Kong and Canton.

Joseph Joseph says that Hong Kong Customs and Excise was alerted immediately and within hours sent a team to assess the infringing products against the Joseph Joseph originals.

The copies were seized and removed and a summons was issued on the spot to a manufacturer that appeared in court the following day. The company pleaded guilty to copyright infringement and was heavily fined.

The manufacturer has now been advised that any further infringement of Joseph Joseph products is likely to result in a custodial sentence.

“This is great news for Joseph Joseph, and is the result of the hard work and perseverance of the Hong Kong lawyer and great cooperation of the Hong Kong and Chinese authorities,” Joseph Joseph said.

It added that its lawyers are now compiling a list of retailers known to have bought the copies with a view to initiating legal proceedings against them.

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