JWP’s new website details every stock line

JWP has launched a new website, which it says will reach more customers and improve communications.

JWP’s new website details every stock line

The site, jwpltd.co.uk, takes the form of an online product catalogue for JWP, with information of every stock line in the price list. As well as general information such as codes, descriptions and retail prices there are also images of all lines and many product videos.

“This year we finally gave the green light to a totally new website, built from scratch by professionals to be maintained partially in-house,” said marketing manager Adam Wilkinson.

“We’re delighted with the results and the platform this now gives us to advance our web presence to reach more customers and improve our communications. We see the new site as a careful balance of information for the trade and the consumer alike.”

He added that the company had no plans to sell online.

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