Kenyan chef Kiran Jethwa takes culinary tour seeking ‘Extreme Food’

A new cookery series kicks off on Channel 4 on Monday (September 26) at 8pm starring Kenyan chef and restaurateur Kiran Jethwa.

In ‘Extreme Food’, Kiran goes on extreme journeys to the most remote corners of the planet to discover the world’s finest ingredients.

He begins in the frozen, bleak wilderness of western Mongolia, where he joins Kazakh eagle hunters on a quest for wild rabbit, and prepares a rabbit pie with nut crumble topping.

In the next episode he travels to Bolivia, where the coca leaf is harvested and used as a herb in tea and cooking. Here he makes a feast of char-grilled, coca-marinated loin of llama and coca leaf dumplings.

Another destination is Ethiopia. Kiran visits the Danakil Depression: a desert area in northeastern Ethiopia, regarded as the hottest region on earth. He harvests salt and makes camel’s milk and coffee ice cream with a brandy snap and salted chocolate topping, in scorching 52deg C heat.

Kiran Jethwa is a third generation Kenyan born in Nairobi. He has an English mother and an Indian father and the influence of the two cultures in his life can be seen in his cooking style.

Having completed a BSc in hospitality management in Manchester, he travelled all over the world, from the US to Italy, France, South Africa, South East Asia, South & Central America and Australia, to mould his professional abilities and develop his palate. He is the chef and owner of one of Nairobi’s premier restaurant companies: Seven Restaurants Ltd.

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