Kettles and toasters ‘will be star performers’

Kettles and toasters will be some of the top performers in the UK small appliances market over the next few years, a new report predicts.

Kettles and toasters 'will be star performers'

The study, by Key Note, says that the value of the market rose by 1.5% year-on-year in 2009, to reach £977m, and forecasts that growth of 2% this year will take it to £997m. It also believes the trend is likely to continue over the next four years, and predicts that the market will have grown 10.7% between now and 2014.

Specifically, the small kitchen appliances sector, which contributed half of the total market in 2009, is set to grow by 10.4% until 2014. Main growth drivers, says Key Note, will be kettles and toasters along with more high-end appliances such as espresso machines. Appliances catering for healthy eating are also increasingly making inroads.

Key Note also says that non-kitchen small appliances are expected to grow at 12.5% until 2014. Irons, especially steam generator models, are expected to account for the largest share, growing at 13% a year to reach a value of £178m.

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