Kitchen Craft launches its own London games

Kitchen Craft is launching two competitions that will allow consumers to play their own London games as the capital prepares for the Olympics.

Kitchen Craft launches its own London games

The competitions tie in with the company’s My London range of kitchen accessories and textiles, each of which features a quirky interpretation of easily-recognisable London street signs and major landmarks. By familiarising themselves with the likes of Piccalilli Circus, Red Leicester Square and London Fridge, participants can win prizes such as show tickets, Thames cruises and attraction tickets.

In the online Name Game, participants complete different levels to take a place on the leader board by guessing the My London place names, racing against others to complete the levels in the quickest time.

The Geocaching game is suitable to all visitors to London who want to take part in the treasure hunt by finding little micro chip caches which have been hidden in all My London locations. Inside each cache is a code which participants record on the website to enter the prize draw. There are three levels, with the scale of difficulty being based on distance travelled. The higher the level, the better the prize.

Stockists will have plenty of in-store support, and participants view the whole My London collection online together with stockist information. Social networking will also increase awareness of the range. Competitions will be in stores from April 1.

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