Lakeland ‘reinvents’ the microwave meal

Housewares chain Lakeland claims it is reinventing the microwave meal with a new selection of specialist microwave kit.

The addition of the Lékué Microwave range joins Lakeland’s extensive range of existing, microwave products, including lines such as its Microwave Pressure Cooker launched in 2015.

The microwave originally emerged in the USA over 50 years ago and came to the UK market in the 1980s where Lakeland developed one of the first microwave-safe cookware ranges. In the early 1980s, Martin Rayner, one of the three brothers who own Lakeland, visited America to bring the latest technology from the States straight back to the UK market. Products such as a microwave turntable, browning skillets and spices all improved the way that UK consumers could cook with their microwave. Lakeland established a Microwave Advisory Service and created an educational microwave video for customers and consumer groups such as the WI.

A survey of 1,000 online users carried out in December 2015 revealed that while 85% of people have a microwave in their home, 40% of those mainly use it just to heat and reheat food and 23% mostly use it for heating ready meals. The study also discovered that 74% of those with a microwave aren’t aware of the nutritional benefits of cooking in this way and for nearly a quarter of respondents, time is the biggest factor they consider when planning evening meals.

Commenting on the launch of the Lékué range, Lakeland buying director Matthew Canwell said: “Lakeland has been at the forefront of microwave cooking for decades and we’re always looking for new and innovative products to take our ranges to the next level. With time more precious than ever, we’re excited to launch this incredible range of microwave cookware to help customers enjoy healthy home cooked meals, fast.”

The Lékué Microwave Range comprises steam cases from £14.97,Mini Skewers (£19.99), Spanish Omelette Maker (£14.95), Omelette Maker (£14.99), Cheese Maker (£18.97), Rice Cooker (£17.98) and Egg Cooker (£5.89).

Lakeland operates 69 stores nationwide, a further 12 stores in the Middle East and a further three in India. Summer 2013 saw the Lakeland brand launch in Germany, with a dedicated German website

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