Lakeland imports ‘omelette on a stick’ from the USA

Housewares chain Lakeland has launched an appliance with a difference: the Rollie vertical grill, which is designed to cook eggs and other foods.

Lakeland imports 'omelette on a stick' from the USA

Lakeland said: ‘We’re one of the first to bring Rollie – already a big hit in America – to British shores. Making ‘omelettes on a stick’, it’s perfect for quick, fuss-free breakfasts but we think Rollie has so much more to offer, especially at this time of the year when parties are in full swing.’

The Rollie, which retails at £29.99, features a cooking chamber that allows the user to cook up to two large eggs at one time. Part-way through the heating process, the user adds a stick down the middle as the omelette begins to solidify. The omelette should be cooked in about seven minutes and can then be lifted out and sliced.

Lakeland also suggests that other ingredients can be added to make party food and other snacks. ‘Try smoked salmon pinwheels, egg and bacon bites, mini tortilla wraps or even baby Danish pastries for a dessert in minutes.’ it says. The device, which comes with 20 recipe suggestions, includes five wooden skewers, a packing tool and cleaning brush.’

A spokesperson told “Our customers are always hungry for the new and innovative – leading to our buyers constantly searching worldwide for the latest trends and products. The Rollie has been hugely popular in the US and we are confident it will be a hit with our customers too.”

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