Last-minute Christmas shoppers ‘won’t queue’

As this year’s frozen frenzy of Christmas shopping reaches its climax, a new poll has discovered that if shoppers are not served quickly enough they will walk away from the sale.

Last-minute Christmas shoppers 'won't queue'

Sixty-seven per cent of those surveyed by said they would leave if they waited more than five minutes at a till to pay for their Christmas goodies, while 44% said they were only prepared to wait on the phone for one minute to process an order.

Men are more patient than the women when it comes to buying Christmas presents, with 72% being prepared to wait for up to five minutes in a till queue – 12% more than their female counterparts.

Ben Alexander, head of marketing for, said: “Christmas shoppers have been hit this year by the appalling weather conditions, so they really don’t have the time to be waiting in line.

“Because time is tight, call centres, retailers and online shopping sites need to keep sharp in order to help people to get everything that they need before Christmas.”

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