Meryl Streep cooks up a storm for Le Creuset

Sales of Le Creuset seem poised for a dramatic boost when Meryl Streep’s latest film opens in the UK next month.

Meryl Streep cooks up a storm for Le Creuset

In the US, screenings of Julie & Julia – a story based on the classic cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking – have sparked a run on the cast iron cookware by filmgoers eager to try out the dishes themselves.

Streep plays the role of the late Julia Child, author of the 50-year-old book, while Amy Adams portrays Julie Powell and her attempts to cook all 524 of its recipes.

As well as lifting sales of Le Creuset, as seen being used by Streep and Adams, the popularity of the film has propelled Mastering the Art of French Cooking into the best seller lists again and places on French cookery classes are being snapped up.

Some US retailers are reportedly raffling tickets to see the film along with sets of Le Creuset, French wines and Julie & Julia aprons.

Julie & Julia opens in the UK on September 11.

Image: Sony Pictures

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