Miele showcases ‘The Invisible Kitchen’

Miele has unveiled ‘The Invisible Kitchen’ which, the company says, offers a journey to the kitchen of the future.

The domestic appliance manufacturer took to the stage at international kitchen furniture exhibition Eurocucina in Milan from April 12 -17 to debut its new concept, which received over 23,000 visitors.

Suspended in the air, ‘The Invisible Kitchen’ installation appeared to float above guests who were ‘given a first-hand experience on how simple a three-course menu could be, from the preparation to serving as well as clearing up’.

Miele’s vision of the kitchen of the future is completely interactive and knowledgeable with touch screen surfaces and different zones.

When preparing, ‘The Invisible Kitchen’ will provide information about the selected ingredients, including where they have been sourced. It will suggest recipes when ingredients are placed on the correct area, as well as showing how to create dishes from leftovers. It will also let users know when they are running low on an ingredient or suggest, if they were to buy a certain item, what different dishes could be made.

When cooking, the kitchen’s surface senses when a pan or dish is held above it and automatically switches the hob or oven on to the correct temperature and programme for the dish being created. Miele says water and milk will never boil over and an ingredient will never be weighed incorrectly thanks to ‘The Invisible Kitchen’.

When serving, the kitchen will create warm spots at the dining table for keeping plates at the ideal serving and eating temperature, as well as a chilled area where glasses can be placed.

The kitchen of the future will even interact with the user about the evening ahead, providing options and setting the music and lighting for a dining experience with the right ambience.

Miele chief designer Andreas Enslin said: “Primarily, the purpose of ‘The Invisible Kitchen’ was to promote creativity and animate users to experiment and tread new ground, even going as far as taking account of a budding chef’s individual expertise and preferences.

“The system is tantamount to being a cooking adviser. It provides the assistance needed if the user is unsure, before things start to go wrong.”

The installation was the work of theatrical production specialist Whitevoid agency.

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