Misleading Kenwood ad made blender seem cordless

Kenwood’s Triblade hand blender television ad is misleading and exaggerates the capability of the product, and must not be run again.

Misleading Kenwood ad made blender seem cordless

So ruled the Advertising Standards Authority after a viewer complained that the ad made the blender appear to be cordless.

Defending the ad, Kenwood said that its aim was to show that the product was faster, easier and cleaner than a two-blade alternative but that there was no attempt to imply that it was cordless.

The company said that while the cord was taped to the actress’s arm in some of the shots, it was clearly visible in others.

However, the ASA said that the cord could not be seen during most of the ad and that it was apparent only upon close examination of the scene in which it did appear. Consumers were therefore likely to think the blender was cordless.

Kenwood was told the ad must not be broadcast again in its current form and to ensure that future ads did not misleadingly exaggerate the capability or performance of a product.

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