New Teasmade doubles its sales forecast

Swan says its factory is running at maximum output to meet demand for its new-generation Teasmade – the initial sales forecast for which has more than doubled.

New Teasmade doubles its sales forecast

The company reports that it is now on course to sell over 25,000 of the product, which has been developed from the original 1932 model.

The 21st century version of the Teasmade has sparked much interest in the media, and Swan believes that the classic bedside tea maker is on course to be the must-have domestic appliance this Christmas.

“All the indications prove that we were right to bring this iconic product back,” commented Swan marketing manager David Foulstone. “We wanted the new Teasmade to appeal to the older generation who know the product and its history, but we also wanted to appeal to the ipod generation. I think we can say that we’ve achieved both objectives.”

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