New TV series this summer for Jamie, Joe and Dee

Channel 4 has revealed details of three new shows airing this month and next, starring nutrition and fitness expert Joe Wicks, cook Jamie Oliver and amateur gardener Dee Hart Dyke (mother of actress and comedian Amanda).


‘Joe Wicks: The Body Coach 2017’

Following the success of his first TV show (‘Joe Wicks: The Body Coach’), Joe returns to Channel 4 in July with ‘Joe Wicks: The Body Coach 2017’.

Joe is the former personal trainer turned Instagram sensation who has been inspiring people to get ‘fit and lean’ with his 15-minute meals and 15-minute work outs, featured in his best-selling books.

The broadcaster said that in this new series, Joe ‘takes it up a notch’ by going in search of volunteers who are willing to commit 90 days of their lives to his regime.

Each individual will embark on Joe’s mix of healthy eating, home cooking and intense but short exercises. After 90 days Joe will reveal their progress by unveiling ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures to their friends and family to show just how far each contributor has come.


‘Down the Garden Path with Dee Hart Dyke’

Dee Hart Dyke is one of Britain’s best amateur gardeners: a highly experienced and knowledgeable plants woman who never leaves home without the horticultural bible: the National Garden Scheme (NGS)’s Garden Visitor’s Handbook.

Dee is, of course, in the book. She has designed and planted her own garden from scratch over the past 30 years, still toils up to eight hours a day on it, and doesn’t like to go on holiday for more than four days at a time in case it needs some work.

On the other hand, her daughter – actress and comedian Miranda Hart – has zero gardening experience

Across three 60-minute episodes airing in August, Dee will help those trying to open their own gardens for the first time, visit some of the most eclectic on offer, and drop into some celebrity gardens. Miranda will be narrating her mum’s journey through the nation’s borders.

Dee said: “I cannot believe my luck that through this programme, I’m able to visit such a wide variety of gardens open for the NGS, and to share my passion for plants with their owners. Not to mention the challenge of trying to enthuse Miranda with a little of the joy and excitement of gardening. All I can say is…..Such Fun!”

Miranda added: “I may not know a thing about how to garden but I certainly know my mum is not only an amazing gardener but fills me with immense joy and laughter as she talks about her passion. The innuendos in gardening never seem to stop.”

Jo Sargent, the executive producer of ‘Down the Garden Path with Dee Hart Dyke’, said: “Dee’s knowledge of gardening is second to none, and discovering the expertise and passion of the members of NGS has been a privilege. This series and Dee’s infectious enthusiasm will hopefully inspire a host of new amateur gardeners.”


‘Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food’

‘Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food’ is a new series scheduled for August, in which celebrity cook Jamie will create dishes, each using just five ingredients.

The broadcaster said that across eight 30-minute episodes, Jamie will cover ‘meat, fish and veggie dishes, salads and pastas, sweet treats and everything in between’.

Jamie said: “Creating and filming ‘Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food’ has been a revelation for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share it with you. It’s beautiful, clear, fast-paced and just full of great ideas.

“Sometimes the simplest things are the best – I can’t believe it’s taken me 20 years to work out that just focusing on five ingredients, killer combinations and technique can give you some of the most exciting cooking ever.”

‘Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food’ was commissioned by Sarah Lazenby, Channel 4’s commissioning editor for factual entertainment.

She said: “With the public becoming more time-challenged every year, ‘Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food’ really couldn’t come at a better time. The repertoire of recipes is amazing – this is a mouth-watering series that we know will take the stress out of mealtimes.”


A new TV series from Joe Wicks airs this month

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