No-stab knives create online furore

A unique range of no-stab kitchen knives – reported on by three weeks ago and picked up by Times Online yesterday – is causing a storm of controversy amongst readers of the newspaper’s website.

No-stab knives create online furore

Times Online’s story, entitled “First ‘anti-stab’ knife to go on sale in Britain”, has attracted hundreds of reader comments and is one of the four most-commented-on stories today.

The knives, which will cut in the normal way but incorporate a rounded end to prevent the blade being used as a weapon, are attracting considerable ridicule from readers, some of whom are describing them as “ridiculous” and “stupid”, and suggesting that they will do nothing to prevent crime. Many of those commenting are Americans.

Comments so far include: “Tackle the criminals, not their methods”; “My carving fork is equally as nasty as a weapon as my carving knife. Should I cut off the tines”; “Now instead of ‘knife stabbing victim’ it will say ‘knife slashing victim'”; “What next? all of us wearing foam shoes, wearing mitts, drinking from rubber glasses?”; “£40-50 pound anti stab knife, £2-3 pound asda knife – do the math” [sic].

However, the knives’ designer, John Cornock of New Point Knives, has hit back on the site.

In a comment he writes: “This is intended to make homes safer places for everyone regardless of age, ability (disability) or useage. The common kitchen knife hasn’t evolved since its medieval beginnings and has no place in the 21st century home. By the way £50 each is a misprint. They will be much cheaper.”

Not all the comments are derogatory. “All this guy was tryin to do is help a bad situation…” says one.

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