Out-of-the-ordinary products are housewares buyers’ top priority

Over half of housewares buyers at last week’s Spring Fair were actively seeking out products different to the norm, exclusive research by HousewaresLive.net suggests.

Out-of-the-ordinary products are housewares buyers’ top priority

The online survey revealed that finding unusual lines was the top priority, picked by 57% of respondents – who could choose as many of the given options as they liked.

Second on the shopping list was lower-priced products, picked by 30%, while 26% wanted to find more up-market products. Seventeen per cent intended to look for lines other than housewares.

The survey also asked respondents which product categories they would be prioritising. Most popular, with a 62% vote, was general kitchenware, followed by cookware and tools and gadgets, each picked by 58%.

Next came bakeware (50%), food prep products and kitchen knives and scissors (46% each), cutlery (42%), tableware (38%), glassware (33%) and picnic and patioware (29%). Cleaning products, gifts and garden products each received a 25% vote.

beverageware and small appliances (21% each).

Least-popular items were barware, chosen by 17%, and children’s ware, 4%.

Commenting on the survey, HousewaresLive.net editor Jane Oliphant said: “It’s perhaps predictable that in this tough trading climate around a third of housewares buyers are focussing more on lower-priced products.

“But the more interesting finding is that so many want to track down products that stand out from the crowd. It demonstrates their belief that consumers are still willing to spend money – but that they have to be offered something truly eye-catching and innovative.”

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