Products destroyed after successful Poachpod copy case

The creator of the Poachpod has won a case in the UK against a supplier of copies of the highly-successful silicone egg poacher.

Products destroyed after successful Poachpod copy case

The company, which supplied a large international grocery store chain with the fake products, has paid damages to Fusionbrands, the manufacturer and distributor of the Poachpod.

The supplier has also agreed to refrain from unauthorised use of the Poachpod trademark in the future, while the grocery chain has handed over the infringing poaching products for destruction.

Speaking to’s sister title DIY Week, Fusionbrands president Kraigh Stewart said: “I do not want to mention the name of the grocer or the sums involved as it, and its supplier, cooperated fully when they were approached and removed the infringing article from the grocer’s shelves.”

However, he did reveal that, “by the time we stopped the distribution and sales the grocers had sold over 15,000 of the infringing articles.

“Fusionbrands was happy to accept a monetary settlement that reflected the level of sales, an undertaking on future conduct and the delivery up of the remaining infringing products for destruction.”

He went on: “It is not our intention to litigate against retailers but we will vigorously protect our intellectual property without discrimination with regard to a retailer, manufacturer, sourcing agent or distributor.”

In July, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent relating to the Poachpod, and the European Patent Office has now published a patent application.

Poachpod is distributed in the UK by JWP.

Meanwhile, Fusionbrands has also filed a lawsuit in the US against one of the largest specialty cookware retailers there. Fusionbrands accuses the retailer of unauthorised use of the term “poachpod” to sell other silicone poaching products.

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