RKW continues Energy Savers campaign

RKW is continuing to support UK households during the ongoing cost of living crisis with its industry-first energy saving campaign, providing quality, affordable, and efficient electrical and housewares products for use in the home. The campaign is educating consumers about the benefits of investing in efficient products, to minimise energy costs during winter and into 2023.

Current energy saving ranges include air fryers, portable heaters, electric blankets, and pressure cookers, from RKW brands such as Tower, Carmen, and Warmlite.

It’s no secret that costs are continuing to soar, and they currently show no sign of stopping. The risk of a global recession is high, and the Bank of England have increased interest rates by a figure not seen in 33 years. RKW are acutely aware of their responsibility to ensure consumers continue to have access to exceptional quality products that can help them save money during this difficult period.

The air frying stars of energy saving

Tower air fryers are leading the charge in energy saving products from RKW, powered by in-house developed Vortx technology. This allows food to be cooked 30% faster than a conventional oven, resulting in reduced energy usage.

RKW have now seen demand for air fryers skyrocket, as UK consumers are looking for energy saving wins. Recently air fryer sales were compared to the demand for a new games consoles, a testament to their energy saving benefits and the overall demand for efficient products in today’s post-covid marketplace.

It’s no surprise when the T17076 Tower Pro Combo 10-in-1 can help families save up to 50% on their energy bill, saving up to £124 per year. Tower has recently launched a new selection of air fryers with even better energy saving capacities and fantastic new functionalities.

Beating the cost of living, and the cold

As the weather is beginning to get colder, heating bills continue to rise. RKW energy saving products are providing an alternative to heating the home, including portable heaters and electric blankets, from RKW brands Carmen and Warmlite.

These products are helping to keep costs down for consumers, an example including the C81155 Carmen King Sized Heated Under Blanket, which keeps customers warm for as little as 12p a night.

Portable heaters are also helping to ease the cost of living by heating only the area in the use, with the WL43004YTW Warmlite Oil Filled Radiator providing powerful portable heating for as little as £1.02 per hour.

Pressure cookers are taking the pressure off UK consumers

Pressure cookers have been identified as another energy saving product, as similar to air fryers, they cost very little to run. Tower pressure cookers are ultra-efficient, and use very little energy compared to other cooking appliances. Fast and delicious meals can be prepared for as little as 18p per hour, when the T920004S7L Tower Express 7 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is used alongside a 1.75kW gas hob.

All of these products are supporting consumers on their journeys to become more energy efficient. RKW will continue to support our trade customers with everything they need to pass on energy savings to end-users.

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