Shopping trolley sales soar for Sabichi

Since Monday, shoppers in England are being asked by large stores to pay 5p for every single use plastic carrier bag. In response to the regulations, housewares supplier Sabichi has announced a 30% rise in its shopping trolley sales as consumers adapt to the new policy.

Sabichi believes that the growing popularity of shopping trolleys in the last year alone has direct correlation with the rise of Aldi and Lidl, as both supermarkets charge for plastic bags.

Sabichi has sold approximately 30,000 shopping trolleys in the last year – 23,000 of which were sold in the last six months. Compared with last year, Sabichi has seen a 30% rise in shopping trolley sales and projects a 40% increase for the end of the year.

Sabichi’s most popular shopping trolley is the Lemon Grass Shopping Trolley (pictured) which features a thermal insulation liner, ergonomic grip and offers 40l capacity.

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