Simon Rimmer asks if it’s Truffle or Tripe?

Sunday Brunch chef and co-presenter Simon Rimmer is to act as host and quizmaster for a new daytime series called Truffle or Tripe.

The culinary quiz, to be aired on Channel 4, will see two teams of contestants compete against one another to win the best ingredients to enable them to cook potentially winning dishes.

The studio-based show sees two teams of two competing. One from each pair will have to answer quick-fire questions to win ingredients, the other will have to cook with them. The winners in each round will win a superior ingredient; the losers making do with a less than desirable alternative, such as loin of lamb versus scrag end or ham hock versus luncheon meat.

With their winnings, the two teams will compete to cook the best tasting and most creative dish possible. Under the pressure of the competition, it will come down to which team has the skill to make the most of their ingredients and tantalise the taste buds of Simon and a guest judge.

Executive Producer Stuart Cabb said: “We hope Simon will revel in the skill and resourcefulness of some of Britain’s keenest amateur cooks. The competition is all about showing that cooking isn’t just about the ingredients, but the ability to think on your feet and use even the cheapest ingredients to create something utterly delicious.”

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