Small Business Saturday UK tour returns

The countdown to Small Business Saturday is officially on, as #TheTour2023 returns to spotlight and support small businesses all over the country.

Kicking off in Inverness on Monday 30th October 2023, ‘The Tour’ will visit 23 locations across the UK to shine a light on the contribution of the UK’s vibrant small business economy, showcasing everything from pom-pom making and pulling pints, to pedicures and Pilates classes.

With sustainability and energy saving high on the agenda for small firms, ‘The Tour’ will make use of electric vehicles to reduce emissions and reflect the sustainable switches many small business owners are making as part of their vital role in the race to net zero.

‘The Tour’ will deliver a hybrid format of online and in-person activity. This will include a month of dedicated free online support, with daily workshops and mentoring on a wide range of small business topics, as well as insight sessions with small businesses and industry experts. We will also spotlight inspirational local small business owners across the UK.

Once more, ‘The Tour’ is supported by BT Skills for Tomorrow, who are also providing expert mentors across the route.

The Tour 2023 will be heading to the following 23 locations around the UK:

  • Monday 30th October: Inverness
  • Tuesday 31st October: Fife
  • Wednesday 1st November: Glasgow
  • Thursday 2nd November: Belfast
  • Friday 3rd November: Chester
  • Monday 6th November: Newcastle
  • Tuesday 7th November: Ryedale
  • Wednesday 8th November: York
  • Thursday 9th November: Manchester
  • Friday 10th November: Wrexham
  • Monday 13th November: Peterborough
  • Tuesday 14th November: Birmingham/ Knowle
  • Wednesday 15th November: Hereford
  • Thursday 16th November: Cardiff
  • Friday 17th November: Bristol/Bath
  • Monday 20th November: Falmouth
  • Tuesday 21st November: Exeter
  • Wednesday 22nd November: Bournemouth
  • Thursday 23rd November: Brighton
  • Friday 24th November: Whitstable
  • Monday 27th November: Aldgate
  • Tuesday 28th November: Islington
  • Wednesday 29th November: London – Richmond Park

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